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Welcome to Sparta Middle School! We are excited to be a part of your children’s lives. At Sparta Middle School, we recognize that middle school is an exciting and challenging time for our students. Our staff is eager to help prepare students for their future academically as well as socially.  We strive to provide great learning experiences for our students’ minds and hearts.

We want you to be well-informed on your child’s education. Our staff is eager to hear from you and to establish a successful home/school connection.  Your interest in their education will motivate them to do their best! Each staff member has a district provided email address that you can utilize to reach out with any questions. You can also use our website to contact any Sparta Middle School staff member. We encourage you to utilize the Parent Portal to stay up to date with your child’s academic progress.

Our building includes fifth through eighth grades. We have thirteen full-time teachers and ten shared teachers. We are proud to provide a daily advisory period built into each day to help students strive for success. Our 1:1 model provides each student at Sparta Middle School a Chromebook for academic use. 

Please be sure to call the Sparta Middle School office if you need any further information!


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Ely Parker


Mychelle Garrison
Mychelle Garrison

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