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Sparta Elementary serves about 300 Pre-K through 4th-grade students.  Our goal is to provide targeted education for ALL students.  We believe ALL means ALL. Through our master schedule, we have designed learning opportunities for each and every student.  We have implemented a three-tiered intervention model for academics as well as behavior.  

Our staff consists of roughly 40 employees.  We are a Professional Learning Community school.  We have designated common planning times for each grade level.  They meet regularly as a team several days during the week.  During the week, teams discuss Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.  Teams dialogue and discuss student needs based on Academics, Attendance, and Behavior. Everything we do is centered around the 4 corollary questions: 1) What do we want students to know? 2) How will we know when they know it? 3) What will we do if they don’t? 4) What will we do if they do know it?

We believe learning is a constant and time is a variable (Rick Wormeli).  With that in mind, we are able to focus on our Standards-Based Learning initiative.  Our teachers understand it is essential for ALL students to learn the standards we have identified as essential.  Through our intervention steps, the teacher will reteach, and students will relearn and retake assessments until they have mastered the concept we have put in place.

“Learning is a constant, time is a variable”-Rick Wormeli


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